Traditional Morning/All Day Schedule Include the Following Activities:
Traditional Preschool Classrooms Open at 8am
Table Top Learning Activities
Jesus/Bible Story Time
Circle Time/Letter Games, Rhymes, Math Games
Music and Movement
Center Time (Free Choice and Learning Centers)
Story Time
Snack Time
 Gym/Outside Gross Motor 
AM Class Dismissal 11:00am 
All Day Friends Lunch Time 
Quiet Time – Games, Stories, Nap/Rest Time
Free Play
Story Time
End of the Day Pickup

GSRP Preschool Schedule Include the following Activities:

GSRP 4 Year Old Classroom Open at 8am
 Table Top Activities
Carpet Time/Group Meeting Letter Games, Rhyming, Math games
Music and Movement
Planning/Center Free Choice Time/Recall
Snack Time
Small Group Time
Outside/Gross Motor Time
Story Time
Lunch Time
Quiet Time – Quiet Games, Stories, Nap/Rest Time
Story Time
Outside/Gross Motor Activities
End of Day Carpet Meeting
End of the Day Pickup
Jesus Time if Desired 

These are just guidelines for our rooms.  We are very flexible and will allow time to accommodate special situations such as birthday treats, classroom visitors, etc.