Parent Information


Transportation to and from the Center is the responsibility of the parents. Parents are to notify the Center of persons to whom their child may be released. The emergency form has a space for this information.  Please notify the teacher or the office if special concerns exist.

Dismissal Policy

Your child will only be released to the person(s) listed on the Child Information Record form. A photo identification will be required in most cases.

Student Absence

Absence due to illness or vacations of any length still warrants full payment of monthly fees. (Traditional Preschool Programs)  All preschool program parents please call the office at 586-248-4949 to notify us when your child will be absent.

Scheduled Closures

Seasons of Learning Preschool and all of its programs will follow St. Peter’s Day School in regards to holidays and school breaks (Please see Seasons School Calendar) Seasons of Learning also follows St. Peter’s Day School and Richmond Community Schools in regards to snow days. 
The Fall Semester will begin after Labor Day