The mission of Seasons of Learning is to provide a loving Christian environment where children are exposed to age appropriate activities and are encouraged to grow intellectually and spiritually.

It is our honor as well as our responsibility to teach the children at our early childhood center in the way that is developmentally appropriate for them.  The early childhood years are a powerful time for building a foundation of human intelligence and we believe that play is the most important aspect in early childhood development.  Therefore, early development means learning through play.

Play is a natural and effective way for children to learn to concentrate, experiment, exercise their imagination and try out new ideas.  They practice grown-up behavior, use large and small muscles and learn what they can do with their bodies.  The children will work through play and learn how to get along with others in the process.

In our classrooms, the children have an open choice time which is an opportunity to play freely, make decisions about what they would like to do and create imaginary storylines in which to participate.  It is such a joy to watch choice time unfold and to offer a safe and richly prepared environment for them to grow and learn.

Our Preschool Programs will accommodate children ages 12 months to 5 years.  Each child will use the open ended materials in different ways and at their own appropriate developmental level.  In a properly prepared learning environment, using a “hands on” approach will allow each child to naturally progress to the next level when they are ready. We will be there to gently guide the children and encourage new challenges!

The State of Michigan Department of Human Services has granted a license for the operation of childcare and preschool programs at Seasons of Learning Early Childhood Center.  The evaluation of our building and programs is carried out bi-annually by this department to ensure a quality program and facility.

Seasons of Learning has recently made updates to the classrooms with new lighting fixtures, fresh paint and new learning manipulative toys for the children to explore. More classroom updates will be added to the classrooms soon.
Our classrooms can accommodate up to 26 students. There will be one lead teacher and at least one assistant (ratios differ per age level room) in each room at all times. For the safety and convenience of the children, there is a child size bathroom inside each classroom.  As much as possible, we use natural materials and toys made from wood.  The children will be taught to respect and treat their classroom things with care.
Our playground offers a secure area for  the children to play. It provides many opportunities for children to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.